Food Trip: Dainty Tea House – Angeles City Pampanga

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You have to try Dainty Tea House if you’re around Angeles City, Pampanga.  It’s right across Nepo Mall near Everybody’s Café.

My boyfriend, Bishop, took me there last August 18 to treat me for my birthday.  I’ve regularly dined in Dainty since I discovered it 3 years ago.  Nevertheless, I still salivate whenever it’s food crosses my mind.

The Food

Just like most Chinese restaurants, Dainty serves its food in different sizes: Small (good for 2-3 people), Medium (up to 4 or 5 hungry mouths), Large (till 7 folks) , and on most dishes Extra Large (for a large group or one ooberly famished person).

The delicious Dainty Tea House food. Yum!

Rice is a staple inclusion in a meal for me, being Asian and all.  So I decided to be gluttonous and had a Large order of Yang Chow Fried Rice.  To be honest, I can consume around 4 servings of rice in one sitting (yeah, yeah, I’m not exactly Lindsay Lohan’s best bud), so combined with my boyfriend’s equally huge appetite, I thought that a Large order would just be enough.  Needless to say, we only consumed half of it.  Just look at the photo of how big the bowl is! And it’s only 195Php!

Now, that's a big order isn't it?

I ordered 2 Small dishes: Beef and Broccoli and Spicy Spareribs.   Let me just say that the beef and pork did not live to see the next day.  It was a feast for the eyes.  You would want to dig in as soon as you smell the dish while the waiter serves it for you.

The Ambience

Dainty Tea House has an Asian contemporary interior.  The furniture has a simple finish.  The lamps demonstrate a calming glow.  The restaurant is not big but can probably seat 40-50 people.  Overall, you’ll enjoy the simple structure and design of the restaurant as well as you enjoy gorging in on the food.

Cool interior

The Service

Service is typical.  Their people will just take your order and serve it.  Good thing is that the food is served hot and you don’t need to wait too long for it to arrive.  Which, I think is as important as the taste of the food itself.

The Powder Room

Too small.  Doesn’t smell sanitized and has no tissue.  Think of a fast food chain toilet.  At least that’s how I see it when I was there.

The Parking Space

This is a big problem.  Dainty Tea House has no parking space itself.  Try to park at Nepo Mall which is just across the street.

Eurie’s Recommendation

I give Dainty Tea House a score of 4 over 5.  I recommend Dainty to those who want to pig out on value and on delectable chinese food.




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